Fundamentals Of Workload Modeling

This section introduces you to the concepts of Workload Modelling for Non Functional Requirements, Performance Testing, Performance Modelling, Performance Monitoring & Capacity Management. We cover the basic definitions, talk about the importance of the Workload Modelling process, look at the tasks involved in Workload Modelling, review some of the challenges involved and finally close off by looking at the tools available for purposes of Workload Modelling.

The agenda for this session includes the following topics:

  • Performance Engineering Life Cycle
  • What is Proactive Performance Management
  • Holistic View of Performance
  • What is Workload Modelling
  • Why is Workload Modelling Important
  • Process for Workload Modelling
  • Questions to ask during Workload Modelling
  • Examples of Workload – Business & Infrastructure
  • Challenges involved in Workload Modelling
  • Deliverables for the Workload Modelling process
  • Resources & tools to assist with Workload Modelling process

Video Tutorial for Workload Modelling is presented below:

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